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Celotex Insulation
great deals on a huge range of breather membranes
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Kingspan Insulation
Breather Membranes and Vapour control membranes are available from Insulation Warehouse the Insulation suppliers. Breather Membranes can be used to provide a barrier against external weather conditions while at the same time allowing moisture in the air within the construction to travel outwards. These Breather membranes come in varying types for various applications such as Tyvek® Supro and Tyvek® Supro Plus also Kingpsan Nilvent® which are used in pitched roof applications for cold or warm roof situations. Tyvek® Enercor Roof has a metalised surface which acts as a reflective insulation helping keep the roof cooling the summer whilst aiding in reduction of heat loss during the winter, this is also designed for use in pitched roof applications.
Also available are breather membranes for Wall application such as Tyvek® Reflex underlay this product can be used in timber frame walls as well as masonry and metal framed constructions like Enercor this also has a metalised surface providing a reflective insulation keeping the heat out and the warmth in. Tyvek® Housewrap is a Vapour Permeable Timber frame wall membrane that is also suitable for use in masonry and steel constructions. Tyvek® Framewrap is an alternative to using Housewrap and comes in various colours. Tyvek® UV Facade is a high density polyethylene and polypropolyne material that is using in situations where open or ventilated rainscreen cladding is used in construcion, it can also be used in standard construction where a high spec material is required.
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Dupont™ Air and Vapour control membranes are also available at cheap trade prices from Insulation warehouse such as the Dupont™ Airguard® reflective and Airguard® control , the reflective gives a 100% airtight vapour control layer ( AVCL ) which is metalised enhancing insulation properties of the construction in walls and roofs. The control version is an excellent vapour control membrane for use in roofs ceilings and walls providing a barrier to air movement in the construction. For all Airtight membranes and Breather membranes Please call us and we will try to help save you money.

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great deals on breather membranes and vapour barriers
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Tyvek ® Supro 1.5x50m 2 roll deal for only £POA+VAT Free Delivery (quote ref: MEM001)
Tyvek ® Housewrap 1.4x100m 2 roll deal for only £POA+VAT Free Delivery (quote ref: MEM002)
Tyvek ® Airguard control 1.5x50m 2 roll deal for only £POA+VAT Free Delivery (quote ref: MEM003)
we supply huge range of Breather and Airtight membranes
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