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Drywall Metal Sytems are all supplied by Insulation Warehouse for use in varying applications, such as non load bearing drywall partitions , suspended ceiling systems and acoustic projects all these at cheap trade prices for all types of customers. Below are a few items that can be supplied from the Drywall Metal range however if there is an item you require not shown please do give us a call and we will gladly help.
c stud
The Most commonly used drywall metal systems are used in the construction of drywall partitions. These are generally constructed using the 'U' Channel section to run along the floors and the ceilings providing the horizontal lines of the top and bottom of the partition, and 'C' Stud which is fixed into the u channel to form the upright vertical sections of the partition wall giving rigidity and a fixing to which plasterboard can be applied this method of construction is very cost effective not only in the speed the wall can be constructed but also in material cost savings.
u channel
mfc channel
Drywall Suspended Ceiling systems are also available , these are made up from various components enabling a quick and versatile installation of the new ceiling in both newbuild and renovation.
mfc perimeter channel
The MFC suspended ceiling system comprises of perimeter channel , ceiling channel , primary support channel , MF nuts and bolts also MF clips , all these MFC ceiling items are available on 2-3 days delivery.
suspended ceiling
resilient bar
Resilient bar and resilient isolation strip are a very effective acoustic solution that can be used in reducing sound in floors and walls. Also acoustic 'c' stud for construction of partitions where reduction is required.
resillient bar in use
Drywall 'c' channel can be used in the construction on wall lining systems and ceiling lining systems and are a speedy alternative to other traditional construction methods and very cost effective.
c channel
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great deals on drywall metal systems
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'C' Stud 50mmx2.4m each 100 lengths only £POA +VAT (quote ref: MET001)
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'U' Track 52mmx3m each 30 lengths only £POA +VAT (quote ref: MET002)
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All Drylining Metal products each Please call for our latest deals any type of metal in any quantity
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we supply huge range of drywall metal products
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