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Polystyrene Insulation can be a very effective and cheap way of insulating your property. Polystyrene suppliers Insulation Warehouse can supply both extruded and expanded polystyrene insulation , extruded polystyrene has a higher density than expanded polystyrene giving it far better insulation qualities and compressive strengths but is considerably more expensive.

Expanded polystyrene insulation can be used under concrete slab screed floors or under chipboard finished floors and provides a cheap way of insulating and also bulking up the floor height if required, it comes in different densities for instance EPS70 which is standard flooring grade polystyrene also made in EPS100, EPS150, EPS200 and EPS250.

Extruded Polystrene Insulation commonly known as Styrofoam™ is a higher density polystyrene and can be used in much thinner sheets than expanded polystyrene insulation to achieve the same 'U' Values and also gives a better compressive strength this can be used in floors walls and roofs. Kingspan Styrozone range is available from Insulation Warehouse including the H350R , N300R , N500R , N700R these products have different densities and can be suitable for a range of applications such as car park decks , cold store floors and commercial / industrial flooring depending on the compressive strength required will determine which product should be specified.

Clayheave is a big problem in many parts of the country and Insulation Warehouse are able to supply Claymaster , Claylite and Clayshield Type Products these are a low density polystyrene specially coloured to determine the difference between it and standard flooring grade SDN Polystyrene, it is a compressible fill material which allows movement in the ground with disturbing the building.

Many other types of polystyrene are available to order So if theres a certain type of polystyrene you require be it standard grade or not please do call us for our latest cheap price deals and we will gladly help provide the polystyrene insulation for your project.

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Great deals on Polystyrene Insulation
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Polystyrene SDN Flooring 2400x1200x25mm 24 sheet deal for only £124.50 +VAT ( ref: SDN001)
Polystyrene SDN Flooring 2400x1200x50mm 24 sheet deal for only £249.00 +VAT ( ref: SDN002)
Polystyrene Insulation various sizes Please call whatever you require we will gladly quote
We supply large range of Polystyrene Insulation materials
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